Preparing your Child for Preschool

Preschool is very different from day care centre so, don’t confuse between the two. A preschool teaches skills to your child and prepares it for kindergarten and elementary school. A day care centre on the other hand takes care of your baby while you are away. Both may provide food while you are away as some preschools have mid-day meal schemes. Others expect you to pack your child’s Tiffin.

Your child’s entry into pre-school may be slightly daunting for the child and a source of worry for you as well. You may worry whether your child will adjust to the changed environment. There is no need for you to worry, if you prepare your toddler for preschool with certain activities that ensure his transition to playschool is smooth. Keep all learning activity playful, Make sure that you don’t make entering a preschool a chore; it should appear like fun where your child will get other playmates his age and will play and learn things like art, reading and several other social skills. Also check the preschool you are sending your toddler to, what is their medium of instruction, do they have many play activities. Have a detailed conversation with your child’s teacher.

Plan some social activities where your child is exposed to other children the same age. If your child has not been exposed to peers, this is the time to introduce the concept of doing activities and playing cooperatively.

Use role play activities to familiarize your child to the preschool, take turns playing the parent and the teacher, so your child is familiar with the concept of teacher and school.

Introduce the concept of pre-school gradually so that the child feels he is in familiar environment when he gets to pre-school. He will feel comfortable with his school because you have gently introduced the concept to him. Act out all the activities the child will do at school, like saying good bye to parents, singing songs, reading stories, playing with friends and also taking naps. Make all these activities fun so that your child takes part in everything enthusiastically. Reassure your child that nursery school is fun and they will learn many exciting things at the playschool.

Play with your child and discuss playschool with him. Introduce the idea that playschool will teach him new things and also act out all the activities your child will do at school. Like taking off her coat, wearing shoes and keeping them, in fact you could race your child to shoes wearing and say let’s see who wears shoes faster and reward him suitably when he does as desired

If your child has some kind of worry regarding the new place he is going to hear him out and reassure him that it is normal to be apprehensive about a new place. Go and buy the school gear with your child and try and let your child choose the backpack he will be taking. Ensure that your child is completely at ease about the new phase that will begin in his life.

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